BCP Wheelchair




This programme is designed to equip Taxi drivers of wheelchair-accessible vehicles with the knowledge and skills to ensure safety in loading, unloading and transporting wheelchair-using passengers using a variety of vehicles.

Our training and assessment are approved under the mandatory requirement for all BCP Wheelchair carrying passenger vehicles and drivers. Whether you require the training because you are new to the industry, or as a refresher for those drivers experienced in safe wheelchair and passenger handling.

It provides a recognised standard of training to people whose role it is to provide care and assistance to passengers travelling by taxis and private hire vehicles

Drivers attending will be able to assist wheelchair users and passengers safely.


Theory, which covers:

  • Understanding your passenger and managing your interactions with empathy and respect whilst maintaining their dignity
  • Understanding your passenger’s needs, including recognising what assistance will be required
  • Duty of care, responsibilities, the risk assessment process and best practices
  • Disability and discrimination awareness and the legislation, including the Equality Act 2010
  • Safe handling and assistance techniques, what is acceptable in licensed vehicles, accessories and charging.
  • The carriage of assistance dogs and recognising the different skills they have been trained to provide
  • Safe use and care of all wheelchair specialist equipment.

Practical training, which covers:

  • How to make the wheelchair & passenger safe to inspire passenger confidence and security
  • Safe loading & unloading techniques, including ramps and lifting/hoist equipment, using different and own vehicle type
  • How to safely restrain wheelchairs securely, using any one of the three safety restraint systems
  • How to safely restrain your passenger using different restraint systems

NOTE: Following the demonstrations and training, you will be able to practice new skills and techniques prior to your personal assessment

NOTE: Our assessors will be required to confirm your vehicles specialist wheelchair equipment meets a minimum standard of serviceability and is fit for purpose. – If you suspect your specialist equipment may fail to meet the minimum required standard, do not attend this training, as you will fail the course….

Each driver will be required to undertake a practical and short written assessment at the end of the training course to validate competence for certification

Following your training & assessment you will be immediately issued with your personal certificate of attendance and attainment. A copy of your certificate will also be sent to your employer and the BCP Licensing team.

You must have… 

  • a good understanding of the English language, and a willingness to be open to learning new skills and best practices.
  • photographic proof of identity for example, a passport or UK photo card driving licence and your BCP Taxi/Private Hire licence

DURATION: 3.5 hours