If you are a Health Care professional you already understand the importance of ensuring the services you offer your clients are delivered to the highest standards possible. We believe that training is not just about ticking boxes, attending a course and gaining a qualification; it is about LEARNING and it is our job to inspire your learning and equip you to actually DO what your certificate says you can.

VGTS has competent trainers and assessors who are specialists in the Health Care sector. They are all very highly qualified and have years of experience.


Are you eligible for this program?

  • Would you like to gain new skills, knowledge and a qualification that proves you know your role?
  • Are you over 19 years of age?
  • Can you commit to a 12 month training programme?
  • Have you lived in the UK for 3 years or more?
  • Are you currently working within the care sector

If the answer to all these questions is ‘YES’, then you are eligible…

About the Level 2 Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship

Completing this development programme will ensure you are up to date with best practices and will provide you with real skills to adopt in your workplace. The assessment and training process will provide the training you will need and also prove you put into practice the required skills every day. You will receive 4 certificates at the end of the programme which will enhance your career prospects.

They are:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Care RQF (Regulated Qualification Framework
  • Level 1 Certificate in Functional Skills Mathematics
  • Level 1 Functional Skills in English
  • A certificate from the Apprenticeship Certificate England awarding body, which lists and recognises all the above elements were completed as part of an apprenticeship programme. This certificate will be graded PASS, MERIT OR DISTINCTION – Based upon End Point Assessment results.

How is the Apprenticeship delivered & assessed?

During your induction process, you and your tutor will agree the dates for your training sessions. We will provide ‘Pre-Training’ workbooks designed to get you thinking about a specific topic before you attend each training session. You will also undertake some simple Online learning modules with Social Care TV, which are designed to complement the pre-course workbooks. Following each training session you will tasked with completing another ‘Pre-Training Workbook. You will attend pre-arranged group training sessions at which your trainer will provide all the training and resources you will need to develop your existing and new skills. You will be required to carry out some learning research assignments to compliment your training programme. You will also complete a number of Assessment workbooks to demonstrate your subject knowledge. Your Tutor and Assessor will guide you through the process and help you put together your portfolio, which will hold all the evidence you gather over the period of the programme. Finally, your Assessor will carry out a number of direct observations of you in your work place and will write reports detailing your competence.

The following mandatory units must be completed for the Diploma element:

  • UNIT 1- Introduction to communication in Care Settings
  • UNIT 2 – Introduction to Personal Development in Care Settings
  • UNIT 3 – Introduction to Equality and Inclusion in Care Settings
  • UNIT 4 – Introduction to Duty of Care in Care Settings
  • UNIT 5 – Principles of Safeguarding and protection in Care Settings
  • UNIT 6 – The Role of the Care Worker
  • UNIT 7 – Implement Person-Centred Approaches in Care Settings
  • UNIT 8 – Contribute to Health & Safety in Care Settings
  • UNIT 9 – Handle Information in Care Settings

During the programme we will review and record your progress and confirm that you are on target to complete your programme and whether you require any additional help or support.

Consistent support and contact will be given throughout your qualification. Our aim is to support you to complete your training in the most efficient manner.

 End Point Assessment

Once you are nearing the end of your Apprenticeship, your Trainer will start to prepare you for your End Point Assessment. Once you and your Trainer agree you are ready, on a pre-arranged day you will be asked to complete a Q & A test paper about the Care Sector and your everyday job. Following this you will be asked in more detail about your role, experiences and how you have handled some difficult or challenging situations whilst caring for your client’s needs.

Can I add any specialist training to the level 2?

Yes, you will be offered a choice of further units dependent upon your employers and your own needs. These will be discussed with you and your employer during your induction by our trainer/Assessor

For more information, contact Clare Green or Tony Quinn on: 01722 349341